About Us


More than 25 years ago we were starting with the German Bakery, making the first delicious breads in the old
German style with a wood oven.
Over time, customers came to us to find out where all these delicacies were produced and more than once we heard
“how delicious it will be to have a coffee here,” seeing the rolls still placed in the bakery car.
Well, at this moment the idea of reserving a small area with tables, the Café Europa, was born.
This is how we stayed for several years, expanding the routes for the sale and delivery of bread and meeting the people
of Guanacaste. With the changing time, and more people asking for breakfast and lunch, we decided to jump into the
cold water and expand the space a lot.
During two years under construction, everything was changed.
We now have a large equipped kitchen, the sale of bread and pastries inside with tables, and outside a large terrace was built,
which has space for events from 2 to 150 people. We plan birthdays, business events, weddings with and without entertainment.
We built two large bathrooms with space for the disabled and there is also a ramp for easy access to the restaurant.

Our Outside Dinning Area and Kid's Playground

Bar and Dinning Area
Bar & Dinning Area capture from the Kid's Dinning Area
Kid,s Playground
Kid's Playground

The beer garden-style Terrace (the typical German Beergarden) includes a bar, which was constructed around a Guanacaste
tree, with a trunk so large that it requires several customers to hug it.
We as a family always had a hard time finding a place to go with our children for lunch or dinner. With this in mind, we
designed our restaurant for families. We have a playground with hammocks, trampoline and ping pong table for the children to
enjoy while being watched at play by their parents from the tables close by.
The small Café Europa was transformed little by little and has been operating since 2013 as a Restaurant.
Today, in 2021, our Restaurant is in its 8th year of operation, always seeking to improve and satisfy our loyal customers.

Apart from Restaurant service we have catering service. For any questions or queries please contact us, we are here to
serve you.

We look forward to your visit soon.

Hans and Betty Berie