Fresh and Tasty Food in our German Restaurant Cafe Europa Provided by Panaleman

Cappaccio Panaleman Restaurant Europa

Cafe Europa Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday

7 AM to 8 PM

On your way to or from Liberia, please drop in and join us at Cafe Europa
for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Take a coffee break with one
of our delicious pastries, or try our Vegan Ice Cream.

German Restaurant Cafe Europa

Tradition & Exclusivity Presented by Panaleman Costa Rica

Welcome to German Restaurant Café Europa.  We are located 4 km west of the Daniel Oduber International Airport, Liberia, Guanacaste.

The Cafe Europa has a family atmosphere and offers a small area with tables inside and a large roofed terrace outdoors
with the typical tables of the beer gardens ¨Biergarten¨ in Germany.

In January 2013, we were inaugurating the German Restaurant Café Europa with a very extensive and unique menu for the area.
We offer Starters, Salads, Soups, Pasta, Meats, Chicken, Seafood and typical German dishes along with typical Costa Rican
Casados and Bocas. We also have a variety of Sandwiches and Burgers on the menu.

What differentiates Restaurante Café Europa from others is that we have several garnishes to choose from so that our clients can customize their dish to taste.

German Biergarten Cafe Europa

Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner  in the German Restaurant Cafe Europa on our shady terrace. The beer garden-style Terrace (the typical German Biergarten) includes a bar, which was constructed around a Guanacaste
tree, with a trunk so large that it requires several customers to hug it.  To quench your thirst we have several options: Fruit Drinks, Soft Drinks, National and International Beers, House Wine, Cocktails, Coffees, Milkshakes etc.

We have a large dessert section

For coffee or after lunch we offer a great assortment of desserts: Crepes, Apple Strudel, Cinnamon Rolls, Chunks, Cheesecakes, Pies, Cookies, Chocolate or Carrot Cake and more. Look at our

German Bakery pastry site.

How about a rich artisan ice creams ¨Ice Green¨
based on water and milk, unique in taste and quality.
Now you can enjoy a milkshake of Nutella, Snickers, Coco and other flavors.

2019 Cafe Europa add a Vegan Menu

Since 2019 we have expanded our menu again to satisfy vegan customers. The menu is not only vegan, but also gluten-free.
To cook our selections the German Restaurant Cafe Europa do not buy vegan industrial products, rather we prepare the Burgers here with fresh
ingredients and to substitute the sauces for Burgers and Sandwiches we prepare a fresh tomato sauce.
We offer Breakfast, Soups, Starters, Main courses, Burgers, and Pizza free of gluten and vegan.

Take a look at our main menu also includes several vegetarian options. 

Vegan & Gluten-free Bruschetta Panaleman Restaurant Europa

Cafe Europa Traditional Pizza Prepared in an Wooden-fired Oven

Wooden fired Pizza Ofen German Restaurant Cafe Europa

Italian style Pizza with a thin crust

Since 2015 we have a Pizza area in the Restaurant, where customers can see how we are preparing pizza in a wood oven.
Our Pizza is the Italian style with a thin, crunchy crust and always with the freshest and most delicious ingredients.
We offer a great selection and three sizes: personal, medium and family.
At the request of several customers, we have been offering gluten-free pizza dough for a long time.

See our Pizza Menu

Novelty from Cafe Europa

The most recent novelty are our chargers for electric cars. German Restaurant Café Europa is the only location in the area where you can recharge your car while enjoying a wood-fired pizza with a German beer ¨Erdinger or Paulaner ¨.
A Ceviche or a Cappuccino accompanied by an Apple Cheesecake or a Chilean cake, and a variety of other selections.

Apart from Restaurant service we have catering service. For any questions or queries please contact us via E-Mail or 8361-2777,

we are here to
serve you.

Charging station
Catering service